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Please visit www.aptliving.ca for more details. Smart growth, Vancouver style! Units are available for rent! Conveniently located on 12th and Spruce St, one block West of Oak Street. The APT apartment layout maximizes efficiency so no square foot is wasted. (The only thing that will impress your friends more than the compact size of your suite is the amazing room you share in the dining, party and media lounges!) APT is a new way to live, built for the future.

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The Prospero Group, founded by Robert H. Lee in 1979, is an integrated real estate company engaged in real estate sales and leasing, property management, development, investment, and syndication. The company, with over 150 employees, is well known for its extensive expertise within North American housing markets.

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Prospero International Realty Inc,
Suite 517, 1177 West Hastings St.

Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 2K3

(604) 669-7733


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